Introduction to Hatha yoga

Alexander Centre, Tavistock

Who is this course for?

Anyone, including complete beginners

Yoga doesn’t have to be hard. It’s all about gently stretching comfortably

The tutor will make sure there are stretches that everyone can do.

Course content

You will learn that Yoga doesn’t have to be hard and for ‘flexible’ people only. In reality, it is endlessly adaptable and virtually anyone can do it and benefit deeply.

This one-off session will include:

– Some easy, gentle Yoga stretches

– How to improve your breathing whilst you move into and out of the stretches

– Ways to relax in your mind and body.

Support and feedback

The tutor will ask you to complete a confidential health questionnaire at the beginning of the course so that he is aware of any health conditions you have that may affect your ability to practice yoga.

He will then tailor the teaching to yours and others’ needs.

Your tutor will support you throughout the course. You will work with your tutor on your personal goals within the structure of the course. You will receive feedback on your progress and suggestions as to how to improve.

Will I have to do anything outside of the session?

Please bring your own non-slip yoga mat, any supportive cushions or blocks you need and a blanket for the relaxation parts of classes. Paul will have available a limited supply of spare mats, cushions and blankets and these will be sanitised between uses.

Additional information and resources

“How will I learn?

In person, with social distancing.

The Learn Devon team will be following the latest Government guidelines in relation to ensuring a Covid-19 secure environment.

Your course will include practical tasks and discussions and your tutor will support you throughout. Your tutor will suggest ideas on what to practice in your own time.

What can I do next?

Continuing with yoga practice supports wellbeing. After this course you may like to enrol on more of Learn Devon’s wellbeing courses, such as Gentle Yoga for Beginners (starting 16th September) or Relaxation Skills (starting 4th November), or another wellbeing- related course.”

Start date11 Sep 2021
End date11 Sep 2021
Start time10:30
End time12:30
Concessions not available