Learner Voice

We want to hear about how our learners are getting on with their courses and tutors.

To do this, we make sure that there are plenty of opportunities for our learners to feedback as possible. Below are some of the ways in which we collect and review feedback.


  • Learner Voice strategy – this document outlines what we do as an education provider to collect and review feedback
  • Something changed survey – this survey is for learners who did not complete their course so that we can better understand why they didn’t
  • End of course survey – this is our main survey which allows learners to reflect on a course that they have just completed and to share their views
  • Feedback through our website – visitors can comment on our website and make suggestions at any point
  • You Said/We Did – where we feedback on the changes that we have made
  • Learner feedback to staff survey – our learners can pass feedback directly to their tutors or another member of staff if they wish
  • External research survey – occasionally we use an external company to undertake surveys on our behalf
  • Staff review group – we have a team of staff who regularly review all our surveys to look at how we can further improve our services

If you would like to take our Learner Voice survey, you can complete it below

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