Projects and working with project partners and sub-contractors

Learn Devon is committed to working in partnership with sub-contractors, in order to plan and increase the range of delivery, opportunities for engagement and support for learning. This will:

  • Ensure there is a coherent framework for planning and delivering adult learning, to which all local providers can contribute. This encompasses learning for all purposes, whether personal, community development or vocationally-related learning as well as tutor-led and independent study. It also covers all groups of learners, particularly those who are traditionally under-represented in adult learning.
  • Build the capacity of local communities to develop and deliver their own high-quality lifelong learning provision. Learn Devon will support and fund provision within the local community and voluntary sector, in appointed locations to help develop approaches and systems which will deliver quality adult learning. We will be proactive in identifying organisations likely to benefit from this support, based on an annual plan for the geographical locations targeted for development.

Our current projects

This supported provision will be complementary and supplementary to that which organisations are already able to deliver and will allow them to expand their learning offer and to have access to Quality Assurance systems.

Sub-contracting Agreement

When working with Learn Devon, sub-contractors comply with an agreement which states how we work together. Our Subcontracting Agreement is available on request.

Apply to work with Learn Devon

We are not currently accepting any project applications.

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