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To leave a comment, complaint or compliment about Learn Devon, please visit the Devon County Council feedback page.

Keeping your details up to date

It is your responsibility to keep Learn Devon informed of any changes to your personal details. This may include changes to your name, address, email or anything else you feel we may need to know.

Learn Devon cannot be held responsible for any problems that occur when a learner has not informed us of a change in details.

Additional costs

There may be additional material costs on some courses, particularly arts and crafts based courses. Information on what you will need, where to purchase the items and how much you can be expected to pay can be found under course details when you search for a course or by contacting us. If you require more information, please let us know. However, we cannot be held liable for costs the learner was not aware of which arise from attending one of our courses.

Course transfers and refunds

If your course is cancelled you will be offered a transfer to another course (the difference in course cost must be paid or will be refunded as appropriate).

If no course is available or you do not wish to attend an alternative course, you will receive a refund of your fees as follows:

  • If Learn Devon cancels a course prior to the start date, all fees will be refunded
  • If Learn Devon cancels a course after the start date, a pro-rata refund will apply. Any examination entry fees will be refunded to the learner.

You should expect a refund of your fees within 14 working days of the cancellation date of your course.

Personal property

Learners are responsible for their own property at all times when on a Learn Devon course or on Learn Devon premises. Learn Devon takes no responsibility for loss or damage of personal property unless it is through the direct negligence of Learn Devon or its agents (such as teachers or contracted learning providers).

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