Success for our learners

Posted on: 16 November 2018

A group of our learners on a recent Family Literacy course in Exeter have celebrated receiving their certificates.

Two of them tell their story:

Frankie Holland

Frankie is a single dad who suffers from depression. He wanted to spend more time with his child, learn new things and get a qualification.

 “The courses were advertised at my local primary school. They sounded exciting and would provide me with a chance to improve my skills and get a qualification. They were also arranged to take place at the school, which was convenient and would allow me to spend time with my child.

 Together we learnt new skills, made new friends and my confidence has improved.

 I plan to continue to improve my English and achieve a level 2 qualification. That will help me to find employment so that I can treat my child to trips and holidays more often.

 I try to encourage other parents to attend the course. I tell them they will make new friends, gain ideas and build their confidence. I always tell people they will really enjoy it and get a lot of information and skills out of it. I certainly have”


Jasmine Cornes 

Jasmine is a young mum who was last in education in Year 9. She has a daughter, suffers from depression and anxiety and has learning difficulties.

 “As my daughter gets older, I want to be able to feel confident that I can help her with her school work. I also I really wanted to show her I could do something positive, so when these courses were advertised at the local school, I joined. They were convenient and would allow me to spend time with my child.

 The course has been a big help in building up my confidence. I have worked on speaking in groups and improved my writing skills. I have also made new friends with other parents and spent quality time with my daughter.

 Learn Devon has been wonderful. There is no pressure, you learn at your own pace and the staff and tutors are very kind, patient and helpful. I’ve now enrolled onto an Improve your English course so that I can continue to improve my skills and my confidence.”

Both Frankie and Jasmine will be furthering their learning and have enrolled in our Improve your English and Good to be me courses.