Learn Devon is coming to Sherford!

Posted on: 24 June 2021

Learn Devon is coming to Sherford this September and launching free maths and English courses and an 8 week Beginners Spanish course. If you’re an adult living in and around Sherford these courses could be just for you!

FREE Improve Your Maths and English Courses

These courses are for anyone wanting to improve their English or maths. This can range from entry level all the way up to Level 2 qualifications. Our tutors will tailor your learning exactly around your needs. These are very flexible courses, and you will work at your own pace and you will set your own goals. There will be lots of progression opportunities available to you along the way. We encourage anyone to enrol who wants to improve their maths or English, whether that’s to help their children with their homework, to gain a qualification for further studies or just to brush up on their skills. These courses will also help you boost your employment opportunities and prepare you for further study.

Beginners Spanish

This 8 week course may suit you if you have an interest in learning Spanish. These courses are aimed at building your skills and knowledge for developing your understanding around learning some basic phrases for greetings and introductions, the alphabet and numbers, and some simple holiday phrases. There are no entry requirements as this is an absolute beginners course and everyone is welcome.

When do these courses start?

These courses will be launched as part of our autumn programme that will go live in the middle of July. The courses will be delivered face to face in Sherford and they will all start in September.

How do I sign up?

If any of these courses sound like they are for you, simply fill in our contact form. All we need are a few details so we can get in contact with you with more information once the courses go live. Please note that by filling in our contact form there is no obligation for you to enrol on a course, it just means that we can give you more information and let you know once the courses are available to join.