English GCSE

Posted on: 16 October 2018

You will develop your skills in understanding, analysing and interpreting a variety of texts. 
Developing the ability to communicate clearly, accurately and effectively when writing. 
Learning how to use a wide variety of vocabulary, and the correct grammar, spelling and punctuation 
Developing a personal style of written communication. 
It is essential that you can commit to weekly attendance as well as completing weekly homework, to succeed. 
The course will start tutor add day, date, times w/c.  
Sessions are [fill in details] hours weekly. 
There are 4 mandatory introduction sessions totaling 10-12 guided learning hours; this is a requirement prior to access onto the full GCSE programme, which is up to 90 guided learning hours.  This will determine whether you continue with the GCSE or move on to a Functional Skills qualification. Dates for some sessions will be agreed within the learning group, to ensure the total learning hours.
Provisional exam dates set by awarding body are:  
Tuesday 4th June 2019 AM 
Friday 7th June 2019 AM 
All exams will be held at: The Alexander Centre