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As identified by Ofsted in our recent inspection (February 2017), one of our strengths is working with high priority groups in Devon.  Adults requiring English and maths up to Level 2, vulnerable adults and adults with learning difficulties, those who are furthest away from employment and adults experiencing mental health issues are groups that we engage with and support. 

Ofsted recognised our work in these areas and we continue to be rated as a good education provider, assessed as a Grade 2 teaching and learning organisation.  Here are some of the main areas of provision that we deliver at present:

Learn Devon provides a range of courses to help provide important skills and qualifications, whether it’s to help you get a new job, support independent living or simply because you want to improve yourself.

English and maths

Our main area of expertise is English and maths – We offer English and maths GCSE’s and Functional Skills from Entry Level to Level 1 (‘Improve Your Maths’) across Devon.  We also offer short pre-GCSE preparation courses (non-qualification) as well as a longer, Level 1 Pre-GCSE qualifications for both subjects.

If you’re over 16 and you’ve left school, you normally don’t have to pay to do English or maths to GCSE level

Whether you are an absolute beginner or you would like to get up to speed before starting a GCSE, we will have a course you can join:

  • Improve your report writing skills, punctuation and spelling
  • Understand maths from the very basics to decimals, fractions and percentages
  • Support your children with homework 

Our English and maths tutors provide support for learners at all levels and abilities from Entry Level (Functional Skills – ‘Improve your English/maths) through to Level 2 (GCSE)

How do I access it?

You can meet with one of our learning support co-ordinators to look at which course will be the best for you.  You can call in or ring our teams at your local centre to talk about joining a course.

Call us today and book an appointment with a learning support co-ordinator to find out how we can help you – contact your local Learn Devon Centre:

or  ring our call centre – 0345 155 1014

You can book onto a course in a number of different ways – you can use our website, ring us, contact us by post, or drop into one of our centres – Click here for contact details

Look for us on Facebook under Learn Devon – LIKE our page to receive updates on Adult Education and events in your area.

What does it require?

GCSE maths and English requires study at home in addition to your time in class.  Assignments and exam preparation form a part of the study time

What is involved?

If you are working full time and have other commitments, it is important to put time aside to attend your classes and work through the assignments – the added factor of the exams for both GCSE and functional skills means that these courses are demanding but rewarding – the sense of achievement our learners have when they pass examinations is immense! Work out the time you have to give to your studies – the commitment you give will be recognised and supported by our experienced team of tutor

wider family learning

We work with local primary schools to support parents and families with maths and English, creative courses and bespoke courses based on local demand.  We continue our long held practice of engaging with and supporting families from less well-off areas to provide opportunities for vital family learning.


Courses are designed to support both employers and employees, offering transferable skills and ensuring they meet both legal and commercial needs. For example, we offer one-day ‘emergency first aid at work’ qualification courses, which may help a business be legally compliant. We can also help with everything from food hygiene certification and learning about industry accounts software, to marketing and the best recruitment techniques.

independent living and leisure

Learn Devon offers a variety of courses for those with learning difficulties and disabilities. Our independent living courses are specially designed for those beginning their journey towards independence, whether it’s managing money or learning about the skills needed to enter the workplace.  Those with learning difficulties may also enjoy our independent leisure courses, covering things such as art, drama, music and pottery. If you can’t find a course that’s suited to you, please feel free to contact us or call in at one of our centres, where we’ll be happy to discuss how we can provide the course you need.

We deliver our ‘Matters’ courses (e.g. maths matters, art matters) for adults with learning difficulties and disabilities.  Our dedicated tutors and learning support team ensure vulnerable adults can access meaningful and appropriate education with the aim of providing enrichment, achievement opportunities and social engagement


We have courses at a range of levels in French, German, Italian and Spanish, as well as BSL and Makaton. Learn your first simple phrases or consolidate your already existing language knowledge.

Workforce development

The Workforce Development team supports vocational qualifications to those working within Health and Social Care services, across both adults’ and children’s services. They will support you in achieving your work and career goals – by helping you develop new knowledge and skills, or enhancing what you already have, for your current role or the next role you aspire to.


Many courses designed to help you with key skills and qualifications are free. For example, if you don’t have an English or Maths GCSE at level C or above, you might be able to get on one of our GCSE courses for nothing. For more info on who is eligible for concessions, such as those on certain state benefits who are looking to return to work, see our learning and support page.


(Please note: evidence of eligibility for concessions will be required)