With the opening up of restrictions for COVID-19, we are offering a mix of online and face to face courses and workshops to support our learners.

When searching for courses no our website this is identified in the venue location – usually the second line of text, which will either say online, for online classes, or include the venue location for face to face teaching.

Are you visiting a centre?  

All of our learning centres are COVID secure and ready for our learners attending planned face to face classes. Please take note of the guidance below before attending a class to help ensure everyone enjoys safe and secure learning.   

  • Tutors and learners will announce their name on arrival, we will confirm we have your contact number and any updates for Track and Trace purposes.  
  • Course start/finish times will be staggered, to minimise contact outside of your class.  
  • Face coverings must be worn when moving around the building, unless exempt. You may remove your mask when seated in your class.
  • Ventilation of all rooms and increased hygiene practice will be in place.  
  • There is controlled access to/from the building to prevent excessive numbers of people being present at any one time and to allow for social distancing.
  • Use of lifts will be monitored to ensure they are cleaned after each use.
  • We will encourage learners and staff to flow test, however this remains voluntary (see below for more details)  

We ask:  

  • Do not arrive more than 10 mins before class start time.  
  • Sign in for Track and Trace and be directed to room on one-to-one basis. Your tutor will be in the room and direct you to your seat.  
  • Do not share equipment.  
  • Keep personal belongings to minimum.  
  • Wear a face covering when moving around the building, unless exempt.
  • Follow increased hygiene practice. There are cleaning stations available throughout the building. Don’t forget to wipe down your chair and table when leaving your class. 
  • Social distancing to be kept at all times (follow floor markings).  

Information on lateral flow testing for staff and learners   

Following Department for Education and Devon County Council guidance around lateral flow testing Learn Devon staff and learners are not required to conduct lateral flow testing, however, we would strongly encourage all staff and learners who are accessing our buildings to do so.   

Tests can be collected from a local pharmacy or test centre, or you can order them sent directly to your home. If you have difficulties getting tests then Learn Devon can supply packs of tests, they can be collected from your local centre.   

If staff and learners are testing, then they are required to upload results to the NHS Test and Trace website and we request that the results are shared with Learn Devon as part of signing into the building.   

If you have any symptoms of COVID-19 please do not attend your class and inform the centre as soon as you can.  

Support and advice 

The centres are now open again to give support and advice.  Alternatively, please call 0345 155 1014 or email learndevon@devon.gov.uk.