“Our apprenticeship is a great educational experience”

Posted on: 5 October 2016

Learn Devon apprenticeships
Lewis and Harry – our two new apprentices in Tavistock

Lewis and Harry are new apprentices in our Customer Support Team in Tavistock. Here, they give the lowdown on their first few weeks…

Our first month has been nothing short of an exciting rollercoaster ride into the world of apprenticeships. We began working for Learn Devon at the Alexander Centre in Tavistock at the beginning of September. It has so far been and continues to be a brand-new and eye-opening experience for us.

The first week was full of meeting new faces and remembering all the names we’d heard, while understanding the ins and outs of how the centre operates on a day-to-day basis. By the second day, we were already engaged in helping out with preparations for an event we were running for World Mental Health Day.

By the second week, we were embracing all aspects of our new positions, from engaging in meetings with tutors to going round Tavistock advertising our new courses. This engagement with the local populous seemed to yield great success, as the courses we had advertised exceeded the number of enrolments required.

The third week saw us meet more new faces and learn further aspects of our roles, as we delved ever deeper into the world of Learn Devon. Staff members showed us the ropes of new software and programs we’d be working with; although a daunting task at first, we soon became confident and efficient with it all.

During the fourth week we met with our assessor who’d be guiding us throughout the next two years of our NVQ customer service level 2. We also went on a road trip to Exmouth to meet the other three apprentices working for Learn Devon – Paige, Emily and Marcus. Throughout the day we got to know each other and learn more about Learn Devon’s role in adult learning throughout the county.

We can both agree that one month in, this apprenticeship is a great, and possibly the best, working and educational experience we’ve had. The staff have been nothing but supportive and helpful and we look forward to what the rest of the next two years has in store.

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