Use of Office 365

Learners on all of our courses have access to an online version of Microsoft Office 365 for Business which can be accessed by a web browser.

However, for some of our courses you may need to download and install the Microsoft Office 365 for Business app onto your device* to access some of its advanced features.  This downloaded app will be provided free-of-charge to our learners.

More information and guidance on how to download and install the Microsoft Office 365 for Business app onto your device* is available here.

*device is any computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone

Introduction to Zoom

How do I access Zoom?

You will need internet access to participate in a Zoom session. As our training is interactive, ideally this will be via a laptop or desktop computer (rather than a tablet or smart phone). If you have any accessibility requirements or questions, please contact us in advance (contact details at the end of this pack).

You do not need a Zoom account to participate as we will email you a link with a meeting invite for each module. This link is specific to your email address.

Attendee controls – this link provides details of how to use the control bar and other functions eg chat, share screen etc.

Alternatively, you can watch these short Zoom instructional videos:

• How to Join a Meeting

• How to share your screen in a Meeting

• Participating in Breakout Rooms

When you join a Zoom meeting, you will usually be muted (ie sound off) with your camera on. You will need to unmute to participate but we ask that you keep muted when just listening (to minimise the risk of background noise, such as children, partners, pets etc which we have found can cause a disturbance for other participants). Also, we have found that keeping your camera on adds to the participant experience, but it is not a problem if you prefer to switch your camera off.

Zoom Functions

Below we list the specific functions you will need to use to participate in the training activities for this course. We also provide the relevant keyboard shortcuts (Windows and Mac):

• Ask questions / give answers / share comments:

  • Unmute yourself to ask questions at any time (Alt+A / Command+Shift+A)
  • Use the “Raise Hand” feature (Alt+Y / Option+Y)
  • Use the Chat function (Alt+H / Command+Shift+H) – either to answer questions, or make a comment. You will be limited to sending a message either to everyone or privately to our administrator.

• Answer multiple choice questions:

  • A poll with questions will show in the centre of your screen for you to click on your answer – these will show as a group result (not identifying your answers).

• Group work – for some activities you will work with a small group in a virtual Breakout Room (see next page for specifics) using:

  • a virtual Whiteboard to add comments from discussions
  • Annotate function for the whiteboard (see next section for details)

• We will also use videos within the training session for additional learning points eg sharing learned experience.

Virtual Breakout Rooms

During the training sessions, we will require you to complete activities as part of a smaller group. Within Zoom, this is done by using virtual “break out” rooms.

Once you have been assigned to a breakout room, we will try to ensure you will be allocated to the same room for each of the modules. You can request (privately via chat) to be moved to another room if required.

When the Learning Activity is ready to start, you will receive a notification – click the blue button to go to the breakout room.

• When in the Breakout Room, you can:

  • Speak to each other on audio (mute/unmute)
  • See each other on webcams
  • Share your screens
  • Use Chat within your breakout group
  • Ask the Trainers for help

• The trainers will let you know when you need to come back to the main training space via messaging. This will usually be followed by an automated message telling you the room will close in 30/60 seconds.

• When leaving the breakout room, ensure you click the button for “Leave Breakout Room” (NOT “leave meeting” button).

Annotate Tools

The Annotate function is available when viewing a shared screen or whiteboard. You will find the “Annotate” menu in the “View Options” tab (see image right).

There are various functions you can use including:

  1. Select, move, or resize your annotations
  2. Insert text
  3. Draw lines, arrows, and shapes and highlight
  4. Stamp – predefined icons like a check mark or star
  5. Spotlight / Arrow – turns your cursor into a spotlight or arrow
  6. Eraser
  7. Formatting options such as colour, line width, and font
  8. Undo / Redo / Clear (delete)
  9. Save as a screenshot (only available if you started the shared screen or whiteboard).

You can also click More in the screen share controls for these annotation settings:

  • Allow/Disable participants annotation
  • Show/Hide Names of Annotators

Additional links and resources

If you have any additional questions or accessibility needs, please contact the Learn Devon team.