Zoom guide


You will need to have access to the Internet to participate in a ‘Zoom’ session.  As our training is interactive, you should use a laptop or desktop computer, rather than a tablet or mobile phone.  You do not need a ‘Zoom’ account to participate, as we will send a link to you by e-mail in a meeting invitation for each module – instructions of how to access this invitation are shown here.


When you join a ‘Zoom’ meeting, your audio will usually be muted – i.e. turned off – but your camera will be turned on. You will need to unmute your audio to participate, but when just listening, we ask that you keep your audio muted to minimise background noise, such as children, partners and pets, which we have found can cause disturbance for other participants.  Also, we have found that keeping your camera turned on improves the experience of participants, but if you prefer to have your camera turned off, then that’s OK.

Break-out rooms

During the training sessions, you will need to complete activities as part of a smaller group in virtual ‘break-out’ rooms.  Once you have been assigned to a break-out room, we will try to ensure you will be allocated to the same room for each of the modules. You can request (privately via chat) to be moved to another room if required.

Help videos

Information about specific aspects of ‘Zoom’ are shown in the following video clips:

Joining a ‘Zoom‘ meeting from a link in an e-mail message

Selecting audio & video devices and changing their settings

Sharing items on your screen with other attendees

Chatting with other attendees

Using break-out rooms

Office 365 Guide


Learners on our courses have access to an online version of Microsoft ‘Office 365 for Business’, which you can be accessed by a web browser.

However, for some of our courses you may need to download and install the Microsoft ‘Office 365 for Business’ app onto your device* to access some of its advanced features.  This downloaded app is provided free-of-charge to our learners.

More information and guidance on how to download and install the Microsoft ‘Office 365 for Business’ app onto your device* is available here.

*device is any computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone

Helpful videos

Information about specific aspects of ‘Office 365 for Business’ are shown in the following video clips:

Signing-in to your personal ‘Learn Devon’ ‘Office 365 for Business’ account

Creating a document in ‘Office 365 for Business

Accessing e-mail messages in your ‘Learn Devon’ e-mail app called ‘Outlook​’

Class Notebook


Class Notebook is an app that your tutor might use to ‘deliver’ documents and other resources to your personal online Student Notebook.

Step-by-step instructions for accessing your ‘Learn Devon’ Class Notebook from any computer that’s connected to the Internet are explained in a short video tutorial below.