Digital Devon Case Studies: Delivering Success

The Digital Devon project has been supporting people across Devon as they develop their digital skills and become confident with using new technology. The two case studies below outline how Digital Devon has been able to support local people with their digital confidence.

Case Study: Hamilton

Hamilton from Exmouth, recently received help from Seachange in Budleigh Salterton. Hamilton‘s wife had recently passed away, leaving Hamilton with her laptop but unable to access much of the passwordblocked information.

However, with help from Seachange, Hamilton has now been given a new laptop which has been set up with his own passwords. He has also received help to write and dictate letters, enabling him to begin sorting out his late wife‘s estate.

Although Hamilton still may need more support, he has made a great start. Thanks to the help from Seachange, Hamilton can now access all of his late wife‘s information and move forward with his life.


Case Study: Elizabeth

Elizabeth came to Digital Devon to improve her IT skills. After her husband fell ill, she was determined to learn how to use the internet, so she could be prepared for the future.

She was provided with a laptop and asked for advice on getting home broadband. During

her Digital Devon sessions, Elizabeth was taught by Learn Devon tutor, Gary, on how to use GPS, BBC Sounds and understand basic cyber security. She was also made aware that her laptop had several viruses on it. Thankfully, the digital Devon tutors were able to help secure her laptop and set up new passwords.

Since then, Elizabeth has become much better equipped to stand up to

potential scammers contacting her. She is proud of her newfound IT skills and will continue to work hard to improve them.

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