Daily Challenges for our Matters Course Learners

Matters Courses are tailored courses for adults with learning difficulties and disabilities.

Matter Course learners and friends, welcome!

Until we can return to our normal classes, please visit this page for daily activities for you to do. Each weekday there will be a different challenge and a maths or English “nibble” waiting for you on this page. We decided to call them “nibbles”, as they are bite-size like activities but slightly smaller, helping you to brush up on your maths and English skills.

Each activity will be clearly explained and answers to quizzes will be on this page the next day. Please email Barbara on Caroline if you need help to understand any of the activities. They will be available to answer questions on Monday to Friday 9.30am – 4.00pm.

If you wish you can send your work to Barbara and Caroline daily and they will provide you with feedback or please date and keep all your work as we will have an exhibition of ‘pandemic’ activities once we are back together again.

There will be no challenge on a Saturday and Sunday, however, if you wish, please share any safe activities that you enjoyed doing over the weekend with Barbara and Caroline via email.

Barbara Kernick

Caroline Ross

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