Arts and Craft Provision

We will be changing the focus of our courses and subjects from September 2023.

Limited budgets mean that we have to ensure what we offer is both effective and sustainable.

Our priority must be providing key skills to support learners who are looking to improve their job prospects, career or further study opportunities.

Unfortunately, this decision means we will be moving away from traditional arts and craft courses.

During the coronavirus pandemic we saw a huge increase in demand for all of our courses, having switched to online learning provided free of charge to those attending. Learners from right across the UK, not just Devon, used this service but it was not sustainable to maintain this provision.

The return to fee-paying learning at local centres, combined with the pressures of the current cost of living crisis, has seen a dramatic reduction in take-up and attendance. As a result, we have been forced to cancel many courses and the arts and craft have sadly suffered from a high level of cancellations. This is not only frustrating for those wishing to attend as well as staff involved in setting up and delivering the courses, but it also carries a cost which has to be borne by Learn Devon.

As a result, the usual arts and craft courses offered through the website will not be available from September. We are writing to learners and speaking to tutors to inform them of this change, and we would actively encourage you to seek out other local providers, community organisations, colleges and clubs.

We will continue to work with local communities, schools, colleges and the County Council to develop a wide range of subjects to support families, with the priority on core skills of English, maths, digital skills and preparing people for employment while supporting an inclusive offer for people with disabilities.

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