We want to help people look after their wellbeing and mental health during this second national lockdown and therefore we are launching our 5-day Mindfulness Challenge.

The challenge began on Monday 16th November and features a series of short videos that provide an opportunity to take 20 minutes a day, over five days, to ensure that mindfulness – training techniques for your mind and wellbeing – is part of your daily routine. Whilst the challenge has already started you are still able to sign up as each day’s email includes the links to the previous days’ videos and you can catch up on them in your own time.

Each day we will focus on a different technique to help with focus, concentration, relaxation, coping with anxiety and stress, as well as stretches for desk workers and more.

If you sign up for the Mindfulness Challenge you will receive an email each morning at 6am with a link to the day’s video which you can watch on-demand, in your own time. The email will also include further tips to improve wellbeing in your everyday life.

We hope that taking part will enhance your wellbeing, enabling you to better cope with life’s stresses and the difficulties brought about by the pandemic and a second national lockdown.

Your tutor throughout the challenge will be Paul Beard, a qualified Meditation Teacher, Coach and Yoga Instructor for Learn Devon. Paul believes that “everybody needs to look after their mental health, just like physical health, because our mental health affects every part of our lives – from the way we think, act and feel, every day.

“Our minds don’t cause much of a problem when things are going well in our lives. However, when we encounter problems, drama and traumas, our minds can often turn into our worst enemies. We can increase our suffering through endless thinking and analysing. Mindfulness can help us step out of that and, in turn, can significantly increase our feeling of wellbeing.”

For those who enjoy the challenge and want to engage in more mindfulness or other wellbeing courses, free follow up workshops and classes are available. Those interested will be able to choose from courses such as painting to music, creative writing for wellbeing, everyday mindfulness and more. Browse courses and workshops and enrol. 

So why wait, sign up for the Mindfulness Challenge now and improve your wellbeing with Learn Devon.