The alternative CV for anyone with significant gaps in their employment history.

What is a Magna Vitae and what does it include?

A Magna Vitae is an honest description of the candidate’s past to celebrate how they have overcome the difficulties in their life. It gives an explanation of what they have learned during their journey and describes the events during different periods of the person’s life. The Magna Vitae is always simple, clear and direct.

It includes:

  • a photo of the candidate
  • a list of their achievements, skills and attributes
  • their preferences, for example: working as part of a team, working night shifts etc.
  • references, often from a professional involved in the support of the individual
  • their ability to travel
  • contact information

Why choose a Magna Vitae?

Honesty is always the basis of a Magna Vitae. It makes the application and interview process a little less stressful and can reveal the candidate’s true personality. The candidate will share what they have discovered about themselves and how they helped others in a similar situation. It is empowering and personal, both for the candidate as well as the organisation.

Why should I accept a Magna Vitae?

Accepting a Magna Vitae as part of a job application process is an inclusive way to recruit candidates. It brings true diversity to an organisation and a different, valuable perspective to the workplace. It also promotes social inclusion and social mobility, enabling businesses to promote their credentials as a socially responsible enterprises in the community.


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