It’s Get Online Week!

Posted on: 15 October 2019

We are really excited to be taking part in Get Online Week, a national campaign highlighting the importance of digital skills. Our work places, social lives and educational settings today all require some sort of digital ability. This does not only mean knowing how to use technology, but is about being able to navigate and communicate through digital environments.

Why is having computer skills important?

Being able to use a computer or a tablet opens up a person to a world of opportunities. Using social media sites and email allow people to keep up to date with their friends and family no matter where they are in the world. They also help people arrange their social calendars and learn more about events happening around them.

Some people use their computer to help them take control of their finances or health online. With bank branches reducing their opening hours and closing daily it is important that we can access our bank accounts online. Similarly, many GP surgeries today register and asses their patients online. Some even have systems that allow patients to request repeat prescriptions through their websites.

Having the necessary digital literacy skills help people improve their career prospects. Browsing for jobs online, creating a CV or submitting a job application are all essential skills in a digitized world. Furthermore, many businesses also require their employees to have the computer skills to be able to complete their daily tasks.

Learn Digital Skills

Free digital skills courses

Here at Learn Devon we believe having basic computer skills is essential in today’s digital world. That’s why we run free computer courses across Devon. Our classes are small and we provide computers and tablets for in class use. our Some of our courses focus on basic computer skills, whilst others aim to improve your employability skills or help you navigate the web. View our list of courses and enrol today.

To learn more about get online week visit their website.