Fees Policy 2023/2024


The policy recognises the value of employment and wellbeing courses including qualifications, units towards qualifications and non-accredited provision in supporting a wide range of residents who might not have traditionally benefitted from this offer. The fees policy will make it clear to learners and others how all aspects of fee setting will work. It includes course costs to learners as well as room hire and other costs charged to outside agencies. The policy directs fees to be charged consistently, fairly and appropriately.

Course/Programme Delivery

There are two types of delivery that govern the fees policy:

  1. Qualification Delivery results in the award of an externally validated certificate for the learner by an awarding body. It includes non-regulated qualifications which use a quality assurance framework for the development, delivery and evaluation of bespoke qualifications.
  2. Non-Qualification Delivery This does not lead to an externally validated certificate for the learner. A Learn Devon attendance certificate may be awarded on completion and subject to meeting the laid-down objectives and criteria for the course. This is available on request by the learner.

Course Fee Conditions

The total course fee (the amount the learner will have to pay) is calculated from the following conditions:

  1. Funding Stream & Learner eligibility for funds: Charges are based on the learner being eligible for the funding stream under which the offer is being made. For most of the offer this will be via ESFA funds. Where a learner is not eligible, reference must be made to charges and/or concessions or the full fee charged. Exceptions can only be made by Service Manager.

Note: where other funding streams are used to fund learning, different eligibility criteria and fees may be applicable. These will be detailed separately within this policy.

  1. Programme management for qualification programmes (non-English and maths) to support the costs of qualification verification, materials.
  2. Tuition fee including assessment activity where required.
  3. Examination fee (this is the fee charged by the awarding body to include registration/certification costs plus 10%) where applicable.
  4. Materials fee All materials and resources required for the course will need to be supplied by the learner, the course information will detail resources and approximate costs. Where a learner takes away products of their learning a charge will be made according to the actual costs of the materials which will be clearly defined to the learner on enrolment/course information sheet.
  5. Concession (this is the fee adjustment made to address equality / access for priority learners).

Terms and Conditions

Learner Fees

  1. Where a fee is payable by the learner, how the payment is to be made must be agreed prior to attendance on the course. Failure to meet this will mean exclusion from the course/cancellation of the booking.
  2. Acceptable payment terms are:
  3. In full cash, credit or debit card at a Learn Devon Centre, by credit or debit card through My Devon or online.
  4. Pay by instalments via a standing order, this can be arranged via any Learn Devon Centre or My Devon. The initial payment should be made in enrolment followed by 3 monthly instalments – this applies for courses over £100.

Note: When payment by instalments is agreed, the learner is agreeing to full payment for the course and will be liable for full charges subject to the booking being made and will be recovered if you no longer attend.

  1. Payment by invoice to the learner’s employer where the evidence of employer agreement is confirmed within 7 working days of the booking being made
  2. Where a concession is being claimed that requires evidence, this must be submitted to the Centre before course. Failure to provide acceptable evidence will mean payment of full course fees being required or removal from the course/cancellation of booking.
  3. Where a learner joins a course after the start date, a pro-rata discount may be applied. Entry after the start date is at the discretion of the Service
  4. Where a learner refuses to settle outstanding fees Learn Devon may:
  5. Seek legal recourse to the settlement of the fees, where the costs of such recourse are added to the learner fees.
  6. Refuse entry to examinations.
  7. Refuse entry to further courses supplied by Learn Devon.


  1. Where Learn Devon cancels a course prior to the start date, a refund of all fees will be paid to the learner.
  2. For non-qualification courses, where Learn Devon cancels a course after the start date and prior to the second session a pro-rata refund of all fees will be paid to the learner. Where the learner cancels their enrolment once a course has started, they will receive no refund
  3. For qualification courses, where Learn Devon cancels a course after the start date, a full refund including any examination fees will be paid to the learner.
  4. Where the learner cancels their enrolment prior to the start of the course, they will receive a full refund.

Special Conditions

  1. Illness: Where a learner is unable to attend on medical grounds and produces a doctor’s certificate, a pro-rata refund will be made according to the time spent on the course. No refund for examinations where entered.
  2. Transfers: Where a learner is on a course at an inappropriate level and wishes to transfer, prior to the second session, they can do so. The learner would be expected to receive or make payment to cover any differences in costs of the courses.

ESFA-funded Offer

CohortTuition Fee (Hourly Rate)
– English, Maths, ESOL, Digital Skills – qualifications and non-qualifications
– Family Learning, Employment
– Wellbeing
– Wellbeing Concession
– Arts and Crafts
– Teaching and Learning qualifications£0.00


Non-Eligible Individuals / Organisations (bespoke)

Cohort                                                  Tuition Fee (Hourly Rate)
– Individuals – qualificationsEquivalent to ESFA funding rate
– Individuals – non-qualification£10.00
– Organisations£60.00

ESFA Concessions:

The following concessions are applied as part of the ESFA conditions of Funding:

ESFA funded adult education budget: funding rules 2023 to 2024 – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)


Approved in July 2023