Featured Five: Courses Not To Miss This November

Posted on: 30 October 2019

Beat winter blues this November with our selection of courses in Devon!

We have hand-picked these five courses and we think you will love them. Whether it be painting, fast-tracking your English GCSEs or learning a new language, there is something for you within our featured five.

Garden Design

Start tucking in your garden for winter and instead of hibernating until next spring, come along to our garden design workshop to prepare for revitalising your garden in March! Choose your favourite design elements, colour schemes and plants to design your own unique garden. Or take inspiration from famous locations and create your own mini Brooklyn Botanical or Versailles in your own garden. Book your place here!


Painting with Oil

Are you an aspiring artist who would like to try a new medium, or someone who wants to give painting a go? Our Painting with Oils class will teach you everything you need to know! You will learn how to prepare the surface for painting, how to mix colour correctly and how to use a variety of brushes to achieve expressive and accurate paintings. Come and let your creative juices flow in our Painting with Oils course. Book your place here!


Spanish For Beginners

¿Puedo tomar una taza de café, por favor? – Thinking about ordering a coffee whilst on holiday in Spain or South America next year? Maybe even booking your hotel room in the local language? Or buying transport tickets whilst you’re there? Our Spanish courses can get you ready for all the above and more! With a focus on oral communication, this is the perfect course for beginners in learning Spanish. Book your place here!


Fast-Track English GCSE

Are you wanting to get your GCSE in English? Or did you just miss the September start time for our GCSE courses? We are now offering a Fast-Track GCSE English Course. Will it be hard work? – Probably, but all worth it at the end as instead of taking the normal 10 months to complete, you’ll be now doing it in just 5! The classes are held in Okehampton but are open to anyone across Devon. Get in contact soon to arrange a friendly initial assessment with one of our superb Learning Support Coordinators. Call our team on 01822 613 701!


Reuse: Embroidery, create a picture workshop

Are you interested in embroidery and in finding ways to reuse and up-cycle old fabrics? Learn how to decorate fabric or other materials by reusing and recycling old fabrics in our creative, yet eco-friendly, embroidery workshop. Our experienced Arts and Crafts tutor, Sam is there to teach you everything you will need to know to create a picture using embroidery techniques and old fabrics. Book your place here!

We run 100s of courses in Devon!

Did you see something that you wanted to try but it isn’t being held in the right location or at the right time? Don’t fear! You can use our online search or can contact your local centre to see if there is something more suitable. If there are 6 or more people interested we are also happy to put on a course for you! Our team is always here to help so pop in to your local centre or call us.