Exmouth Kite Festival got animated!

Posted on: 23 July 2015

This summer, children and their parents in Exmouth celebrated the town’s Kite Festival by creating some special animations in two workshops run by Learn Devon.

The children and parents worked in small groups to create a storyboard, then used craft and modelling materials to make characters, kites and other props. Trees, clouds and animals feature frequently – as do large kites that get blown away in strong winds, often taking the central character with them!

One of the workshops took place at The Beacon Primary School in Exmouth and was led by animation tutor, artist and award-winning filmmaker Tanya Morel.

We used specialist animation clay that is made locally in Devon and used by Aardman Animations – of Wallace and Gromit fame. So there was a lot to live up to. But we think there are some very talented budding young animators out there – and we think you’ll agree! Enjoy the films…

Leia and Deborah’s film:

Oakley and Sevara’s film:

Sam and Scott’s film:

Abby, Edie, Debbie and Cara’s film:

Maya and Francesca’s film:

Connor and Kaitlin’s film: