Equality, diversity and inclusion policy


To ensure Learn Devon promotes a culture of equal opportunities that is embedded in all aspects of the work, supports and encourages all under-represented groups to achieve their potential, promotes an inclusive culture, and values diversity.

Learn Devon is governed by and is committed to the Devon County Council Equality Policies  that outlines the County’s commitment to all members of the community.

Learn Devon, as part of Devon County Council is committed to the Devon Joint Declaration for Equality

Learn Devon will

  • treat everyone fairly and with respect, courtesy and integrity
  • provide an environment where everyone will have an equal opportunity to participate and develop to their full potential.
  • promote an inclusive culture which values diversity
  • respond to the learning needs of the diverse community within the county of Devon and be valued for the contribution that they make to our community
  • challenge any discriminatory behaviour or attitudes
  • promote opportunities for those who are from under-represented groups
  • recognise the diversity of individual learning needs and provide appropriate support and differentiation
  • monitor and report on the service’s aim of narrowing the achievement gap and work with staff to address identified gaps through learner support
  • formally assess, through observing teaching, learning and assessment and report annually in the service’s Self-assessment report, how effectively Learn Devon meets Ofsted’s Education Inspection Framework (September 2019) which asks – the extent to which leaders promote all forms of equality and foster greater understanding of and respect for people of all faiths (or those of no faith), races, genders, ages, disabilities and sexual orientations (and other groups with protected characteristics), and how well learners and staff are protected from harassment, bullying and discrimination, including those based with employers and at other sites external to the provider
  • provide effective delivery of information and advice to ensure accessibility of information and advice and delivery services including annual self-assessment against the Matrix standards
  • ensure all marketing materials are accessible in terms of readability and equality of access.

What to do if you have a concern

Staff who identify a concern or have a question about Equality, Diversity and Inclusion are to talk to their line manager in the first instance to establish the best source of further advice and guidance if required.

For concerns regarding any learners contact the Learning Support Co-ordinator in your area who may have to refer to the relevant Area Manager. It may be other matters need to be referred to a member of the management team or to consult with HR: telephone 01392 385555 or email hrdirect@devon.gov.uk


Updated May 2023