Employability, IT and computer skills courses at Learn Devon

Posted on: 10 February 2020

Employability courses at Learn Devon

We are here to help you get back into work our employability focused workshops. We can assist you with writing your CV, or if a CV is not the most suitable option for you we can help you explore a Magna Vitae (MV) to see whether that would work better for you. We also offer confidence building courses to help you rebuild the confidence you need to enter the job market. We can also recommend you one of our free qualification courses, which can often open doors to employment. Browse our range of employability courses.

IT and computer skills courses at Learn Devon

So much at work now depends on digital skills. From using various software, emailing customers to filling in your tax return. Improve your job prospects and gain a nationally recognised qualification with our user-friendly digital skills courses. Learn how to upload a CV, set up an email account, store information securely, navigate Microsoft Suite programmes or access payslips and do online banking. Find out more about our digital skills courses.