Employability courses at Learn Devon

Posted on: 23 September 2020

Image of Job Application

The coronavirus has had a serious impact on unemployment in Devon, which affects families, relationships and people’s mental health. Therefore we are offering free online workshops and short courses for Devon residents who are looking for work.

Learn Devon is Devon County Council’s adult education service and we traditionally run hundreds of courses all across the county, but due to current restrictions, all our courses are online. However, instead of watching a presentation or a YouTube video, our courses are tutor-lead, meaning those enrolling on courses can join other learners and a tutor online in real-time. This gives an opportunity for learners to ask questions, ask the tutor to repeat instructions, explain ideas and to interact with others attending the classes.

The courses and workshops are delivered by qualified, experienced and friendly tutors who help everyone feel at ease during their learning journey. At Learn Devon we also have a learning support team on hand, whose sole purpose is to help learners of all abilities and levels of experience access their courses and to support learners needs.

This is just a brief introduction to the many workshops and courses that we offer to support Devon residents on their journey back into employment. Our employability-focused workshops and courses can give you the skills to find a job that fits your needs, help you make a good first impression interviewing online, show you ways to improve your CV or help you improve your digital skills.

Browse all our employability courses and digital courses and enrol here.