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The policy covers all learning funded by the Education and Skills Funding Agency and is formally sub-contracted by Learn Devon to be delivered by an external provider.


To identify good quality providers who are able to successfully meet the needs of Learn Devon priority groups of learners to:

  • Maximise access to learners, bringing new opportunities and improving lives, whatever people’s circumstances
  • Promote social renewal by bringing local communities together to experience the joy of learning and the pride that comes with achievement
  • Maximise the impact of community learning on the social and economic well-being of individuals, communities and employers.

Learn Devon is committed to working in partnership with sub-contractors in order to plan and increase the range of delivery along with opportunities to increase engagement and support for learning. This will:

Ensure there is a coherent framework for planning and delivering adult learning to which all local providers can contribute and encompass learning for all purposes, including both informal personal and community development and vocationally-related learning; all styles of learning both tutor-led and independent study with all groups of learners particularly those who are traditionally under-represented in adult learning.

Build the capacity of local communities to develop and deliver their own high-quality lifelong learning provision. Learn Devon will support and fund provision within the local community and voluntary sector organisations in appointed locations to help to develop approaches and systems which will deliver quality adult learning. It will be proactive in identifying organisations likely to benefit from this support based on an annual plan for the geographical locations to be targeted for development.

Supported provision will be complementary and supplementary to provision which organisations are already able to undertake and will allow them to expand their learning offer and to have access to QA systems.

The service partnership model will allow organisations to decide the level of autonomy in managing the resources for teaching and learning which is best suited to their own structure and staffing.

Secure additional resources for the delivery of adult learning. Learn Devon will develop partnerships with

providers who are able to match-fund financially or in kind to reduce the cost of provision to learners. In particular organisations which are directly involved with target learner groups and who can offer direct or indirect financial support for provision which will increase learner access will be actively sought as partners. Engage with providers when the involvement of Learn Devon will secure a significant reduction in fees and/or other costs for target learner groups.

Support locally identified learning needs. Liaison and interaction with local community organisations will provide a sound basis for the development of learning programmes.

Liaison with community organisations will prevent duplication of provision and enable Learn Devon and others provide full and clear guidance on all types of learning opportunity to adults who approach the Service for educational guidance.


In working with sub-contractors Learn Devon will:

  • demonstrate good practice in all its dealings
  • operate all activities according to clear and transparent protocols and guidelines including
    • agreeing a clear contract of delivery including payment terms and conditions prior to contract commencement
    • providing a clear account of charges applicable to the contract and the basis on which they are made prior to commencement of the contract
    • monthly communication with a named contact within Learn Devon
    • A timetable for auditing quality assurance compliance will be agreed with sub-contractor. There will normally be a minimum of three meetings annually, including a mid-year audit. These meetings will consider progress with target achievement and quality assurance improvements and will be the opportunity for general evaluation and discussion.
    • Providing a sub-contractor handbook setting out responsibilities of each party prior to contract commencement.
  • support sub-contractors in improving the quality of teaching, learning and assessment as described by the Education Inspection Framework and Ofsted assessment regime and in improving the provision of information, advice and guidance in line with the Matrix standard through inclusion in
    • Learn Devon’s Continuing Professional Development activities – for which no charge will be made where inclusion incurs no additional costs to Learn Devon or where such a charge is incurred passing this on at cost
    • Learn Devon’s OTLA processes with the aim of improving teaching practice.
    • Sharing good practice through moderation and inclusion in the self-assessment processes.

Work with the voluntary and community sector will be based on practice that:

  •  understands and recognises the value of the community sector
  • seeks to better understand the values that underpin the community sector
  • includes equality, social justice, co-operation, local action, local delivery of services and support
  • acknowledges that the community taking action to identify its own issues and to get things done is of great value
  • understands that community action extends far beyond the value of the services themselves – to developing social capital, improving local democracy, promoting active citizenship and strengthening the identity of a community, which impacts positively on the health and wellbeing of the community as a whole
  •  values the diversity of the community sector
  • makes appropriate practical changes and modifications to practice, which will have a positive impact on the work of the community sector.

The selection of sub-contractors will take place through a tendering process, where sub-contractors complete a qualification questionnaire and Expression of Interest.  Work will be awarded to successful applicants according to the needs identified in the Learn Devon local area planning documents.