Climate change: stories that motivate

Alexander Centre, Tavistock

Who is this course for?

The workshop is for anyone who wants to encourage others to join them in responding to climate change. Perhaps you want to share your concerns and ideas with friends and colleagues? Or to promote a product or service helping the move to planet-friendly lifestyles? Or you advocate for change through democracy or consumer power?

For those who attended related courses in 2019 or 2020, this workshop offers a useful refresher and update on resources available.

Course content

This will be an interactive workshop, including discussion and practical exercises.

It aims to illustrate research-based principles for effective communication on climate change, with examples of influence through images and conversations. The main sources used are from national charity Climate Outreach.

While timed to follow the COP26 global event in Glasgow, this course is tailored to the Devon context.

(It does not cover why climate change is happening or the merits of alternative ways of dealing with it.)

Support and feedback

You will have the opportunity to talk to other participants about your aims and experience and how you might apply the learning in your own context

Additional costs and requirements

No experience necessary, this course is for all abilities.

Additional information and resources

Kit Harbottle has experience of running training in the public and voluntary sector, and volunteers for Transition Tavistock and other organisations responding to climate change.

This course is offered as classroom, face to face, based learning at the Alexander Centre, Tavistock.

Please note if COVID-19 restrictions are activated this course will be offered as on-line learning, via Zoom. The time and day will remain the same, along with your tutor.

To be able to take part in online learning you will be sent a Zoom invitation with your access code, you will require a computer or tablet with a built in or external camera and microphone.

Start date08 Dec 2021
End date08 Dec 2021
Start time19:00
End time21:00
Concessions not available