Gentle yoga for beginners: FULL


Who is this course for?

If you would like to try gentle Yoga stretches with the breath and guided Relaxation exercises, regardless of how fit, able or flexible you are, then this course is for you.

Course content

Transformation Hatha Yoga & Relaxation.

This is gentle Yoga which aims to harmonise breathing and movement, where good posture and moving in safe ways are more important than being able to get into the stretches fully.

There is choice throughout each class over how much or how little you do. Depending on the needs of the learners, some stronger asanas (postures/positions) may be introduced through the course, although there will always be easier variations and alternatives to these taught at the same time, and you will be invited to use cushions, chairs or the wall for support/balance ~ as needed.

Paul will encourage students to take notes on how to move into and out of stretches and time will be given for note-taking (this is optional, although please bear in mind that there will be no handouts on how to practise the stretches).

There is also significant time in each class given over to guided relaxation.

Support and feedback

Paul will give each student feedback within the classes (as appropriate) or outside of the classes. Paul will ask you to correct your positioning if you are out of alignment or risk hurting yourself. He will not just come up and adjust you. If you need hands-on adjustment, he will ask your permission first. Paul will say when you have good posture and alignment so that you can develop your understanding of what that feels like.

Additional costs and requirements

A non-slip yoga mat (at least 5mm thick), if you have one. Spares will be available. Also any cushions you might need (e.g. for comfort sitting on the floor) and a blanket to cover you for comfort in relaxation. Spares of cushions and blankets are also provided.

Will I have to do anything outside of the session?

Not unless you would like to. If that is the case, the tutor will be happy to supply you with something to do at home.

About the tutor

Paul Beard (Dip. THY&R [Transformation Hatha Yoga], Dip P. Couns.Coach & OPRC Registered Teacher of Pure Meditation Foundation) is a qualified Yoga instructor, Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher and Coach.

Since 2001, Paul has been training and teaching individuals and groups in self-development, well-being and stress management practices.

He has also worked in a support worker role with people with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities.

Start date17 June 2021
End date01 July 2021
Start time14:00
End time15:30
Concessions not available