Stress mastery through mindfulness and meditation: FULL


Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for any adult in Devon who would like to learn how to use mindfulness and meditation to master their stress.

Course content

Defining Mindfulness and Meditation

• Give you tips, techniques and guidance to start taking charge of your mind, to enable you to begin to feel calmer, more relaxed, more positive and more in charge of yourself.

• Self mastery techniques, specially selected from the Kriya Meditation tradition for their ease, practicality and accessibility. These are personal energy management techniques that focus, uplift, protect, ground and energise the practitioner’s own energy and enable them to master their minds and emotions, uplifting them mentally and emotionally.

• Enable you to feel the peace, clarity and beauty contained in every moment – positives so often hidden by our turbulent thoughts and emotions.

• Key approaches to making Mindfulness and Meditation work for you.

Support and feedback

Through your practice of the Relaxation exercises taught and the impact on your life!

Additional costs and requirements

You will need a laptop / PC / phone / tablet with a camera and microphone/headphones and a good internet connection. You will need to wear loose clothing, or at least clothing that is not too restrictive.

Will I have to do anything outside of the session?

Paul will encourage you to practice what you learn outside of the sessions as this will help to consolidate your learning and notice the effect on your daily life of practicing Mindfulness. However, this is a recommendation rather than a requirement and how much/little you do is entirely your choice.

About the tutor

Paul Beard (Dip. THY&R [Transformation Hatha Yoga], Dip P. Couns.Coach & SRMHC Registered Teacher of Pure Meditation Foundation) is a qualified Yoga instructor, Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher and Coach.

Since 2001, Paul has been training and teaching individuals and groups in self-development, well-being and stress management practices, all with Mindfulness at their core.

Start date08 June 2021
End date22 June 2021
Start time11:00
End time12:30
Concessions not available