Coping with exam stress


Who is this course for?

Do you struggle to concentrate because of stress or anxiety?

Do you get test or exam nerves which affect your performance?

Does pain impede your learning?

If the answer is yes to one, or all, of these questions, then this workshop will probably be for you.

Course content

You will learn some easy, highly effective Relaxation techniques using a combination of your breath, senses, body and visualisation.

You will also learn how to apply these in a practical way that enhances your learning.

Support and feedback

Paul Beard, the Learn Devon Wellbeing Tutor, will let you know as part of each technique you learn. He will tailor the techniques to your abilities.

Additional costs and requirements

Please bring a notebook and pen.

Will I have to do anything outside of the session?

You’re not expected or required to do anything in your own time, but Paul will encourage you to practice what you learn.

Real relaxation is a skill that needs to be practiced frequently if it is going to make a difference in your life

About the tutor

Paul Beard (Dip. THY&R [Transformation Hatha Yoga], Dip P. Couns.Coach & SRMHC Registered Teacher of Pure Meditation Foundation) is a qualified Yoga instructor, Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher and Coach.

Since 2001, Paul has been training and teaching individuals and groups in self-development, well-being and stress management practices, all with Mindfulness at their core.

Start date29 March 2021
End date29 March 2021
Start time11:00
End time12:30
Concessions not available