The drama triangle: understanding relationships: FULL

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Who is this course for?

This course may be of interest to you if you would like to understand your role within relationships.

The Drama Triangle will give you insight into life scripts and patterns of behaviours that continue within the Drama Triangle and the individual’s roles you may subconsciously take on within it.

If you would like to build on the awareness of others and self, then this course will give you a very good insight into how you relate to others. The Drama Triangle is something you become aware of to improve on relationships, also to build on your own self-development.

These are short interactive online live courses aimed at anyone who is interested in personal development and self-awareness. Also, a progression course from Improving Communication and wellbeing for all. They include practical elements and an opportunity to have live discussions with your tutor and others on the course.

Course content

You will be working with your tutor in a virtual learning environment using an online video platform called Zoom. You will be accompanied in your virtual class, with other learners. Your tutor will give practical demonstrations, have discussions, set tasks, give feedback, and will support you throughout the course.

This course gives you an opportunity for individual work, working in pairs and group discussions.

Power point presentations and handouts will be emailed to you for printing. The power points are also available in Black and white if preferred.

There will be video’s and demonstrations of the understanding, including the definition of the Drama Triangle.

There will be an opportunity to research further information outside of the lesson and to monitor your understanding of the Drama Triangle through tutor feedback and questions and discussions.

Personal Journals and monitoring progress sheets will be part of the content of the course. This is to help you understand your personal development.

Support and feedback

Your tutor will support you throughout the course through online face to face and written feedback on your progress and suggestions on how to progress. You will work with your tutor on your personal goals within the structure of the course.

Additional costs and requirements

You will need a laptop / PC / phone / tablet with a camera and microphone/headphones and a good internet connection. Any other equipment that you will require will either be something that you already have at home or will be sent to you, prior to the start of the course. Handouts and power point presentations will be emailed for printing. If you do not have access to a printer these can be printed and posted to you.

Will I have to do anything outside of the session?

Your tutor will give some homework tasks to work on in your own time and will signpost you to other opportunities to support your learning. If you have any questions on the lessons the tutor will be available via email for any questions you may have or any help you may need.

There will be a monitoring of your knowledge using discussions and questions and answers working as a group or in pairs this will include tasks and presentations.

There will be an opportunity for reading, and a book list will be made available with references at the end of this course, which will be emailed to you with handouts.

About the tutor

Your tutor will be Teresa Willey.

Teresa Willey continues to enjoy working with learners at Learn Devon. Teresa is qualified in Health and Social Care, Counselling, and Psychotherapy also Early Years Education including working in youth and community work with young adults.

Teresa has four adult children and loves being a Grand-Mummy and spending time with her grandchildren when possible.

Teresa is at present studying for her master’s in psychology and counselling. If she has spare time she loves to walk in the countryside and swim to keep fit.

Her favourite pastime is reading and gardening and when possible traveling.

Her goal in life is to stay happy and have good wellbeing and to encourage everyone where possible in their learning Journeys to improve on their own personal development and wellbeing.

Start date16 June 2021
End date07 July 2021
Start time10:00
End time12:00
Concessions not available