Pilates beginners Taster session

Kennaway Centre, Exmouth

Who is this course for?

Pilates is suitable for most men and women.

This is a beginners course and no previous experience or knowledge is needed. Please note that you must be able to kneel and lie flat on a mat without any assistance.

*Please note, for your safety, you must complete and return a ‘ready for exercise/health form’, at the same time as enrolling. PUBLIC LINK TO FORM

Your answers will be treated in confidence. We collect this data to ensure you have a safe experience, tailored to your individual needs, during your course. Your answers will help us to understand if some exercises may be beneficial or unsuitable for you. We ask you your occupation as some exercises can be tailored to different occupation types.

Course content

You will learn about posture and alignment; combining breathing and exercises to strengthen your core muscles, tone your body and improve your balance and mobility.

You will be taught in a small, friendly and supportive group where you will have the opportunity to gain confidence and make new friends.

Support and feedback

You will get continual support and feedback from your tutor throughout the course and have opportunities to discuss and review your progress.

Additional costs and requirements

Please bring your own exercise mat for practical and hygiene reasons. Any Yoga or Pilates mat that you are comfortable with is suitable. Please loose, comfortable clothing that allows movement. Please don’t wear lycra cycling shorts or men’s’ running shorts that do not cover underwear when exercising. A hand towel is advisable for resting the head on when lying down and a bottle of water to keep hydrated.

Will I have to do anything outside of the session?

It is advisable to practice daily some stretching exercises taught by your teacher to get the most benefit from your class.

About the tutor

Doris Marcelo Sanchez

Doris is an experienced, qualified level 3 Pilates teacher. She a member of REPS, VCTC UK and is public liability insured.

She became a Pilates teacher after years of practice and study; she was inspired by the benefits of doing Pilates regularly. She experienced first hand, its positive effects on the body and mind when recovering from chemotherapy treatment. She has explored different Pilates approaches, learnt from a variety of methods and is continuing to develop throughout her career, updating and innovating her approach to Pilates exercises & stretches in her classes. Her aim is to incorporate her knowledge and experience for the benefit and enjoyment of her class participants!

She is also a qualified swimming teacher as well as an experienced and qualified teacher of Spanish with over 25 years experience teaching Spanish in the UK.

Start date29 April 2020
End date29 April 2020
Start time13:30
End time14:30
Concessions not available