Creative writing

Gate House, Totnes

Who is this course for?

This course is an opportunity to be inspired and write fiction using unusual themes.

You will work in pairs/ individually where you will discuss & develop ideas and outlines of plots with an experienced tutor to support you.

Course content

You will tackle 4 themes and write about them.

You will learn how to develop characters and plots, using techniques and devices.

Support and feedback

You will receive feedback via email from tutor and feedback in class.

Additional costs and requirements

you will need a reasonable standard of English.

please bring paper and pens or a laptop

Will I have to do anything outside of the session?

Yes, write a piece each week and send it via email to tutor, or if written in longhand, handed to the tutor at the beginning of each lesson.

About the tutor

Jill Hobbs teaches Creative Writing for Learn Devon across Devon.  Creative Writing encompasses fiction, autobiography, biography and poetry. She has worked for Devon County teaching at a variety of Primary Schools and 2 years working with adults with special needs.   

Jill has a Masters Degree in Education specialising in inclusion, special needs and dyslexia, allowing Jill to invent and initiate a number of sensorial ways for teaching.  Building on this pedagogy, Jill completed a Foundation in Art Therapy to understand the way in which Art plays a significant part in making sense of symbols and concepts as well as developing fine motor skills. 


“My greatest love is to help people develop their creativity and explore their imagination using a number of genres.” 


Jill Hobbs, M.A.Ed., Adv.Dip.SEN., AMBDA 

Creative Writing Tutor for Learn Devon. 

Start date26 Sep 2019
End date24 Oct 2019
Start time10:00
End time12:30
Concessions not available