Preparation for GCSE maths

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Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at adults who wish to join a GCSE maths course in September 2021 but have not recently studied maths and wish to brush up on their basic numeracy skills. 

It will also introduce some GCSE-specific topics, and prepare learners with the study skills required for the intensive one-year GCSE maths course. 

Course content

You will study number, measure, and statistics. The course will also introduce some simple algebra and geometry. 

You will complete a variety of practical investigations, on-line and paper-based exercises, interactive games and other activities.

Support and feedback

Before joining the course, you will have an initial assessment to check what skills you have, and what you will need to develop. 

During the course your tutor will check your progress and identify problems you may be encountering. 

You will also monitor your own progress through ongoing self-assessment recorded in your learning plan.

Additional costs and requirements

This course is delivered online and provided free of charge. You will, however, need a computer or a tablet with a stable internet connection, as well as a built in or external microphone and camera to attend the course.

You will need pens, pencils and paper, and a folder to keep your work in. 

You will also need a few essential mathematical instruments: calculator, ruler, graph paper, protractor and compass. The tutor will discuss these at the first session. 

Will I have to do anything outside of the session?

You will be expected to undertake 1 hour per week of home-study. This may be written work or online activities. 

About the tutor

Your tutor will be Paul Haines. Paul studied as a mature student, gaining various qualifications in mathematics fields and education. He began teaching for Learn Devon in 2005 after working as a senior residential social worker responsible for culture and equality and running a cabinet making business in North Devon. Away from the classroom, Paul enjoys studying foreign languages, regularly reading Portuguese and French language literature and newspapers. He also engages in small building work and property maintenance, walking, cooking, and making and restoring furniture. Through his work at schools and colleges in North Devon, Paul has gained extensive experience of teaching people who find it difficult to get the qualifications they need at school. He believes that as adults we can put things behind us and carry on from where we left off.

Start date07 June 2021
End date28 June 2021
Start time18:00
End time20:30
Concessions not available