Maths GCSE

Holsworthy Skills Centre, Holsworthy

Who is this course for?

You can only enrol on this course through skills check and a friendly chat with an experienced Learn Devon Tutor. To make a local appointment to confirm which course is most suitable for your needs, please contact our office on 01822 613701.


This course is for adults who have not already achieved a GCSE in mathematics A*-C grade. It can help to enhance career prospects, access to higher or further education, support family with their maths skills or improve your skills for your own personal reasons 

All exams will be held at the Ockment Centre. 

Course content

You will develop your skills, learn and explore mathematical topics and improve understanding. 

The course follows the syllabus for the foundation tier of Edexcel GCSE Mathematics (2015).  The latest GCSEs have a new grading system from 1 to 9. Your tutor will explain this in more detail. 

The new syllabus is split into five distinct areas of study; 

Number – about 25% of the exams; 

Ratio, proportion and rates of change – about 25% of the exams; 

Algebra – about 20% of the exams; 

Statistics and probability – about 15% of the exams; 

Geometry and measures – about 15% of the exams. 

It is essential that you can commit to weekly attendance as well as completing weekly homework, to succeed. 

The course will start on 18th September

Sessions are three hours weekly. 

There are 4 mandatory introduction sessions totaling 10-12 guided learning hours; this is a requirement prior to access onto the full GCSE programme, which is up to 90 guided learning hours. This will determine whether you continue with the GCSE or move on to a Functional Skills qualification. Dates for some sessions will be agreed within the learning group, to ensure the total learning hours.

Provisional exam dates set by awarding body are: 

Tuesday 21st May 2019 AM 

Thursday 6th June 2019 AM 

Tuesday 11th June Friday 2019 AM 

All exams will be held at the Ockment Centre.

Support and feedback

You will be encouraged to be responsible for your own learning.  An individual learning plan will be used to record your targets and achievements. These can be used to predict end grades. 

Additional costs and requirements

You will need basic equipment, black pen, pencil, notebook & 30cm ruler. 


We will provide you with a protractor, compasses, calculator and text book for the duration of the course. 

Will I have to do anything outside of the session?

Weekly homework will be used to practice  

mathematical techniques, check understanding  

of topics covered and provide feedback on progress. 

It is essential that you commit to completing this each week as well as any missed sessions. This can be used to predict end grades. 

About the tutor

Tutor to be confirmed

Start date18 Sep 2018
End date14 May 2019
Start time10:00
End time13:00
Concessions not available