Preparation for maths GCSE

Passmore Edwards Centre, Newton Abbot

Who is this course for?

Are you hoping to study for GCSE Maths in September and wanting to brush up your skills first and boost your confidence?

Course content

You will have the opportunity to improve or recap on your calculating skills with whole numbers, decimals and fractions.

Support and feedback

At the start of your course, the tutor will offer you an initial and diagnostic assessment to establish your starting level. Informal support will be available from the tutor.

Additional costs and requirements

Pen and paper will be handy.

Will I have to do anything outside of the session?

Homework will be set as “practise makes perfect”.

About the tutor

This course is led by the GCSE Maths tutor so it’s a chance to get to know her and her sense of humour and discover that Maths can actually be quite fun.

Start date19 June 2019
End date24 July 2019
Start time10:00
End time12:00
Concessions not available