DIY and numbers

Men In Sheds, Okehampton

Who is this course for?

DIY and Numbers

You may already do lots of DIY, but have you ever thought how much maths there is in building painting a wall or making a bird box? You measure and cut lengths, you work out if you have enough paint etc.

“DIY and Numbers” is a course designed to build confidence in maths. It is focused on practical activities. The course will be delivered at the Okehampton Men in Sheds project where they will appreciate the practical skills you bring to the course. As you work on practical activities, your maths tutor will come alongside and help you identify the maths you already use, probably even without thinking about it.

Course content

You will be painting a fence or wall, making a planter and a bird box, and possibly one or two other tasks to be confirmed by Men in Sheds. During the course you will watch demonstrations to increase your experience and understanding, and carry out practical tasks.

Support and feedback

Feedback from the tutor, and discussions with other class members.

Additional costs and requirements

You need wear clothes that you don’t mind getting paint or dirt on and strong footwear (no sandals or flipflops).

You might find it useful to bring something to take notes.

There are no additional costs.

Will I have to do anything outside of the session?

No although your tutor may suggest things you could do at home if you wish. It would be advantageous to practice between sessions, and the tutor may send you emails for you to respond to.

About the tutor

John Austen works as an Area Tutor (Maths) for Learn Devon and is based in West Devon. Prior to this his posts have included school teacher, literacy/numeracy tutor, management training consultant and Skills for Life numeracy tutor – amounting to over 40 years experience in education.

John has Qualified Teaching Status (QTS) in maths and arts. He also plays guitar in local bands – along with maths music is another passion.

“I like teaching, it is great when you see the learner understand and then look to progress further”

John Austen, Area Tutor

Start date05 June 2018
End date26 June 2018
Start time13:30
End time16:00
Concessions not available