Italian: beginners 2

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Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone looking to improve their Italian and has already completed Italian Beginners 1 or has been learning Italian for 12 hours or has similar experience.

Course content

You will consolidate your knowledge of basic key phrases and vocabulary and improve your understanding. You will learn how to:

Exchange information in simple everyday situations. Ask for and give directions. Shopping for food. Ask for information about local facilities.

Use Italian to describe daily routine. Use the Past tense. Identify and request items in a variety of situations.

You will also gain an insight into the culture where the language is spoken.

Support and feedback

Your tutor will support you throughout the course via the online sessions. You will work with your tutor on your personal goals within the structure of the course.

You will complete an individual learning plan (ILP). You will receive feedback on your progress and suggestions as to how to improve

Additional costs and requirements

This course is for anyone who has completed a Learn Devon Italian Beginners 1 course, has been learning Italian for 12 hours or has a basic knowledge of the language and can interact in a simple way in Italian.

If you are a new learner to Learn Devon, you are advised to speak with a tutor to find out if this course is the right level for you. Please contact us by email or phone customer services to arrange to speak with a tutor.

Will I have to do anything outside of the session?

You will need a pc/laptop or a phone with a camera or tablet with a stable internet connection, as well as a built in or external microphone and camera to attend the course.

Paper and pen if you wish to take notes or you can use a laptop / PC / phone / tablet.

Additional information and resources

How will I learn?

You will be working with your tutor and other learners using an online video platform called Zoom. The course is fun and varied. You will be taught individually, in pairs and in small groups. Your course will include a range topics and learning methods such as role play, audio etc.

Your tutor will give you short homework tasks to help consolidate and extend the work done in the weekly session.

What can I do next?

After this course you may like to enrol on Italian Beginners 3 with Learn Devon.

You can also practice and build on what you have learnt online or by using Apps such as Duolingo or Babbel.

Start date25 Jan 2022
End date22 Mar 2022
Start time19:00
End time20:30
Concessions not available