Italian: Beginners Part 1: FULL


Who is this course for?

This course may suit you if you have no knowledge of the Italian language and are interested in trying it out via the internet.

Learning a language has many benefits including:

– being able to communicate better abroad

– understanding another culture

– exercising your brain

The course will give you a brief introduction to the language so that you will have a few basics to help you when in Italy.

Each session will focus on a different topic, accessible to all learners.

You will be encouraged to take part in all of the activities and be able to ask questions and make comments to both your tutor and others on the course.

Course content

You will be working with your tutor in a virtual learning environment using an online video platform called Zoom. There will be other learners in the virtual classroom. Your tutor will introduce the topic, encourage you to have a go at repeating and speaking the new language and give feedback and support throughout the course.

You may like to look over your notes before the next session but don’t have to as each session will cover a different topic.

Support and feedback

Your tutor will give you feedback, encouragement and support throughout the session. There will also be a short individual learning plan to complete.

Additional costs and requirements

You will need a laptop, PC, smartphone or tablet with a camera and microphone along with a reliable internet connection. A pen and paper will also be useful for any notes you might like to make.

Will I have to do anything outside of the session?

The best thing that you can do after the sessions is to look over your notes to recap and learn new vocabulary and expressions.

About the tutor

Ruth has travelled for both work and pleasure in Italy and has been teaching Italian for a number of years to adults.

Start date06 May 2021
End date30 June 2021
Start time09:30
End time11:00
Concessions not available