Introduction to Spanish: FULL

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Who is this course for?

This course may suit you if you have an interest in learning about Spanish

These are short interactive online live courses aimed at building your skills and knowledge for developing your understanding around learning some basic phrases for greetings and introductions, the alphabet and numbers, and some simple holiday phrases.

They include practical elements and an opportunity to have live discussions with your tutor and others on the course.

There are no entry requirements as this is an absolute session. Everyone is welcome.

This course is suitable for anyone who feel they have little or no knowledge of the language.

Course content

You will be working with your tutor in a virtual learning environment using an online video platform called Zoom.  You will be accompanied in your virtual class by other learners. Your tutor will give practical demonstrations, have discussions, set tasks, give feedback and will support you throughout the course.

Activities will include a variety of speaking and listening, reading, and writing exercises and are designed to increase your confidence in this language.

Support and feedback

Your tutor will support you throughout the course through online face to face discussions and written feedback on your progress. You will work with your tutor on your personal goals within the structure of the course.

If you feel you require any additional support for your learning, please talk to a tutor or centre staff who will arrange for you to receive support or talk to a learning support co-ordinator. Any information given will be treated confidentially.

Additional costs and requirements

You will need a laptop / PC / phone / tablet with a camera and microphone/headphones and a good internet connection.

You may need pens, paper and a ring-binder for storing notes or hand-outs if not storing them on your laptop/PC etc. You may also wish to purchase a dictionary unless you prefer to access an online dictionary. At the end of the course, your tutor will advise you of any course books/grammar books that might be required should you decide to continue with a longer course. They will also advise you of any language sites which you may find helpful.

Please do not purchase anything before then.

You may need to have drinks/refreshments accessible although there will also be a short comfort break about halfway through the session.

You may also need to consider your workspace, making sure you have enough room for books, folders, IT devices etc.

Also, as this is an online course, please consider your background, i.e. the room you are studying from, family photos, or access to other members within your household.

Will I have to do anything outside of the session?

Your tutor will suggest ideas on what to practice in your own time and will signpost you to other opportunities to support your learning.

Homework is always beneficial as it refreshes understanding. Your tutor will either provide work to signpost you to relevant language sites. You may also like to switch any IT devices that you use frequently, and are familiar with, to the target language to also aid learning.

About the tutor

Dr. Dilcia Pacheco – Tutor biography  

Dilcia currently works as a Spanish and Italian Language Tutor for Learn Devon, Exeter College and private students.    

Her country of origin is Venezuela where she completed a Law Degree at Venezuelan Central University. She came to Britain in the late 1970s to complete a Masters degree in Maritime Law at Glasgow University.  She also completed a one year Diploma course in Development Administration and Planning, at Bristol University.  

Having taught Spanish and Italian privately, since 1990, she decided to complete a British Teaching Adults qualification in 2000.    

She is also is a British Red Cross Volunteer.  

“I enjoy teaching languages to Adults and it has given me the chance to encourage people, to take the challenge in learning languages, which will help them to improve their skills and have a better knowledge of Spanish and South American culture.”

Start date02 Feb 2021
End date02 Feb 2021
Start time10:00
End time12:00
Concessions not available