Italian: Beginners

Alexander Centre, Tavistock

Who is this course for?

If you have absolutely no knowledge of the Italian language, or maybe know just a handful of words, then this could be the course for you. It will introduce you to the very basics of the language and at the end of each session you’ll find yourself being able to speak a little bit more. Aimed at learners who wish to have the basics for their holidays abroad, or who want the experience of learning a new language, it is taught in a friendly way at a pace to suit the learners so that you make the most of your time during the session and enjoy learning.

Course content

The topics will include how to introduce yourself, say where you’re from and what you do along with some basic numbers to help you in everyday situations when in Italy. We’ll also learn a little about the culture to help you gain confidence that you’re doing the right thing. There will be the opportunity to work individually and in pairs using a range of resources to practise and consolidate what you have learnt.

Support and feedback

Your tutor will give you feedback, encouragement and support throughout the course to ensure that you both enjoy your Italian and improve each week. There will also be a short individual learning plan to complete to monitor your progress.

Additional costs and requirements

Please just bring a pen and notebook or file paper for your first session. The tutor will then let you have details of the course book. You may like to bring refreshments.

Will I have to do anything outside of the session?

It will really help your progress if you find time to look over what we have covered each week: ten to fifteen minutes makes a difference. The tutor will also set short homework tasks but will understand if you are not able to complete them.

About the tutor

Ruth has travelled in Italy for business and pleasure. She enjoys teaching languages and has worked with all age ranges and abilities.

Start date22 April 2020
End date20 May 2020
Start time13:15
End time15:15
Concessions not available