Spanish: Beginners plus

Holsworthy Memorial Hall, Holsworthy

Who is this course for?

Would you like to speak more confidently when visiting a Spanish speaking country and build on your basic skills? Then this Beginners Plus course is for you.

This course follows on from our Spanish Beginners course and is for anyone who wants to consolidate their knowledge of basic key phrases and vocabulary and improve their understanding.

Learning a language can be daunting on your own and is much more fun with a supportive tutor and a group, where you can practise with each other and share the joys and frustrations

Course content

This Spanish Beginners Plus course will teach you how to exchange information in simple everyday situations.

You will learn how to:

• Talk about the town and accommodation where you are staying
• Ask for information about local facilities
• Talk about your daily life

You will also gain an insight into the culture where the language is spoken.

The focus will be on oral communication (speaking and listening) although some reading and writing will also be included. The course will be conducted mainly in the foreign language.

During the course you will take part in varied activities. These are designed to help you understand and use the language effectively.

You will work individually, in pairs and in small groups, using a variety of learning methods and resources such as role play, audio and video clips.

Homework will provide an opportunity for self study including the use of online resources.

Support and feedback

Initial assessment will identify your skills level at the start of the course and there will be a variety of activities to assess progress throughout the course. You’ll complete an individual learning plan (ILP) and there will be opportunities for you to discuss your progress with your tutor. The tutor will also provide written feedback.

Additional costs and requirements

You’ll need a pen, paper and a ring-binder for storing notes, hand-outs and homework. At the start of the course your tutor will advise you of any course book that might be required. Please don’t purchase anything before the course.

You may be eligible for a learner bursary if you can demonstrate that attending a course will improve your wellbeing. Eligibility is determined after a  short interview with a member of our learning support team. You must be aged  over 19 on 31st August 2017 and your household income below £15,276 to access this fund. Contact your local centre for more details.

You may like to bring a drink or refreshments

This course is for anyone who has attended one of our Spanish Beginners courses or has a basic knowledge of the language (approximately 15-20 hours of study) and is looking to improve their practical speaking and listening skills needed to cope with day to day scenarios when travelling and socialising in a Spanish-speaking country.

Will I have to do anything outside of the session?

Yes. You will learn more effectively if you are able to practise and revise between the sessions. Your tutor will give you short homework tasks to help consolidate and extend the work done in the weekly session.

You will also be encouraged to make use of other resources such as internet websites for self-study activities.

About the tutor

Learn Devon tutor biography: Denise Moorley

Denise began teaching in Adult learning soon after completing her BA Honours degree in Applied Language Studies, (French, Spanish and Russian) in London, in 1975.

While practising her language skills in France and Spain as part of her degree course, she had already discovered a talent and a love for teaching, giving classes to foreign students wanting to learn English. From there, having gained a postgraduate certificate in education in Oxford, she ventured into mainstream school teaching, in Middlesbrough, offering French and Spanish at GCSE and at A level.

An employment opportunity for her husband in Japan saw Denise spending two years in that intriguing country, teaching English to Japanese students and also indulging her passion for language learning by studying Japanese.

Following the births of her children, she returned to teaching adult education classes, as the most family-friendly option, and has carried on in the sector ever since.

However, Denise has not always worked in the hothouse of education; she has experience of working as a tour guide for foreign visitors to the UK, in a college library, in a probation office, in the Civil Service and in tourist information.

Denise believes that studying languages enables us to get to know the people of other nations and to discover their cultures; we can speak to foreign people on their territory, in their tongue – and find out a lot about ourselves in the process.

Do not think that language learning is just for academics; it is for everyone. We have all learned to speak at least one language, and learning another will exercise your brain in a way that crossword puzzles never can, you will enjoy the social interaction with your fellow language learners and you will have a lot of fun!

Start date19 April 2018
End date19 July 2018
Start time13:00
End time15:00
Concessions not available