Top up y tapas: Beginners

Alexander Centre, Tavistock

Who is this course for?

Top up y tapas is for those who have recently completed the Beginners Spanish course (Step 1).

Course content

More of the same, but with a seasonal flavour in all respects!

Support and feedback

Through talking to the tutor and your ILP, as previously.

Additional costs and requirements

A file, pen and paper, a sense of humour and occasion!

No extra costs.

Will I have to do anything outside of the session?

A little light, seasonal homework.

About the tutor

Liz has taught languages at home and abroad with great enthusiasm and she thinks learning a language should be a challenge, but fun!

Start date28 Nov 2017
End date05 Dec 2017
Start time13:00
End time15:00
Concessions not available