French: Improvers

The Mansion, Totnes

Who is this course for?

Would you like to use your French in a variety of real life situations? Then this Improvers course is for you.

This 10-week course follows on from our French Beginners Plus course and is for anyone who wants to consolidate and develop their skills further.

Becoming more proficient in a language can be daunting on your own and is much more fun with a supportive tutor and a group, where you can practice with each other and share the joys and frustrations

Course content

The focus will be on oral communication (speaking and listening) although reading and writing will also be included. The course will be conducted predominantly in the foreign language. You will study grammar in more detail and will develop your ability to talk about present, future and past events. Pronunciation and the culture of French speaking countries are an integral part of the course.

You will learn how to:

• Describe places and events
• Exchange information on a variety of topics/situations
• Give and follow specific instructions
• Request and understand information about travel and transport and make specific enquiries
• Express an opinion and negotiate/amend existing arrangements
• Grasp general meaning of written material (e-mails, mobile text messages, letters, notices, leaflets, etc.)

During the course you will take part in varied activities. These are designed to help you understand and use the language effectively.

You will work individually, in pairs and in small groups, using a variety of learning methods and resources such as role play, audio and video clips.

Homework will provide an opportunity for self study including the use of online resources.

Support and feedback

Initial assessment will identify your skills level at the start of the course and there will be a variety of activities to assess progress throughout the course. You’ll complete an individual learning plan (ILP) and there will be opportunities for you to discuss your progress and aims with your tutor. The tutor will also provide written feedback.

Additional costs and requirements

You’ll need a pen, paper and a ring-binder for storing notes, hand-outs and homework. At the start of the course your tutor will advise you of any course book that might be required. Please don’t purchase anything before the course.

You may like to bring a drink or refreshments.

This course is for anyone who has attended one of our French Beginners Plus courses or who has attended an Improvers course and needs to consolidate and develop their knowledge and skills before moving onto our French conversation classes. The course is also suitable for anyone who has a good knowledge of basic French.

Will I have to do anything outside of the session?

Yes. You will learn more effectively if you are able to practice and revise between the sessions. Your tutor will give you short homework tasks to help consolidate and extend the work done in the weekly session.

You will also be encouraged to make use of other resources such as internet websites for self-study activities.

About the tutor

Ann Pelletier-Topping works as a French Tutor for both Learn Devon and privately.

Prior to this, she worked for the South Devon Steiner School for 3 years, teaching French GCSE, Leverkusen Adult Education in Germany as a French Tutor and for Le Club français in Durham, working with children aged 2-12.

Ann is a native speaker and has an MA in Social Research and a BSc (Econ) in Information and Library Studies with Italian and French. She also completed a CELTA teaching qualification. Ann has a passion for French wine and food and managed a wine shop in London before becoming a teacher. She also enjoys creative writing and reading.

“I just love seeing adults having a go at speaking and writing in French even when they say they can’t. Learning a language requires commitment and some hard work but I always like to have as much fun as possible in the classroom because it doesn’t feel like learning though learning is definitely happening.”

Start date28 Sep 2017
End date07 Dec 2017
Start time13:00
End time15:00
Concessions not available