Digital skills for everyday life

Candar Advice Centre, Ilfracombe

Who is this course for?

This course is for adults who have some experience of digital skills who would like to become more confident at using a computer. It is suitable for those who are employed, retired and unemployed.

Course content

This course is designed to give you a little more practice in computer skills and will help you to master the first steps and get you comfortable with using a keyboard and mouse (or touch pad)  

You will learn more about:  

using a computer system to meet your own needs.  

searching for and using internet-based information  

using e-mail to communicate and exchange information. 

During the course you will watch demonstrations and carry out a range of practical exercises and activities to increase your experience and understanding.

Support and feedback

You will get feedback from your tutor in the session to let you know how you are doing, and you will also complete an individual learning plan to help you keep on track and so you know where you are in the course and what you need to do next.

Additional costs and requirements

There will be a short initial assessment to make sure you are on the right course

Will I have to do anything outside of the session?

All equipment for the course is provided. (Please do not bring your own device as it may not be compatible).

Additional information and resources

How will I learn?

These are online/face to face sessions at your local centre

What I need – additional information

You may like to make your own notes so a pen/pencil and notebook will be useful.

What can I do next?

You could go on to one our longer, free Essential Digital Skills Qualifications to consolidate what you have learned

Start date28 Feb 2022
End date23 May 2022
Start time13:00
End time15:00
Concessions not available