Introduction to Word


Who is this course for?

Beginners Word

Adults who have some familiarity with computing. For example; using email or social media platforms. An ability to use a browser to search web pages is essential. A very basic use of the keyboard and mouse is essential.

This course is ideal for anyone who would like to create and edit basic Word documents.

Using Word will help you use any other word processing application.

As this course is being run online, a laptop with an inbuilt webcam, or a desktop PC with separate webcam is essential.

You will need to undertake a basic digital skills initial assessment, just to ensure you are comfortable with navigating around your device.

Course content

This course is designed to give you a grounding in the basics of using Word.

You will learn:

• Starting up Word
• Recent documents and pinning documents
• Templates
• Layout – Tabs, ribbons and groups in Microsoft Word
• Change Views
• Using Tell Me
• Insert, select and edit text
• Using styles in Microsoft Word
• Line spacing
• Number and bullet list
• Increase indent in lists
• Spelling, grammar and thesaurus
• Hyperlinking text
• Add a Drop Cap in Microsoft Word
• WordArt
• Insert and format pictures
• Insert shapes
• Image order
• Group images
• Customizing margins and page layout
• Page breaks, adding blank pages
• Insert Header or Footer
• Insert page numbers in Word
• Printing
• Save as PDF in Microsoft Word

During the course you will watch demonstrations and carry out a range of practical exercises and activities to increase your experience and understanding of using Word and computing in general.

Support and feedback

Feedback from the tutor, and discussions with other class members.

Additional costs and requirements

A desktop computer or laptop running ideally Windows 10.

A webcam (usually built into laptops)

There are no additional costs.

Will I have to do anything outside of the session?

No although your tutor may suggest things you could do at home if you wish. It would be advantageous to practice between sessions, and the tutor may send you emails for you to respond to.

About the tutor

Your tutor will be Simon Longstaff. Simon started working for Learn Devon as an ICT & Maths tutor in 2008. He used to be the technical director of a small electronics manufacturing company in North Cornwall, but now, along with his teaching role, works as a senior design engineer for an electronics instrumentation company.

Simon is a keen musician and composer and is involved in musical theatre when the opportunity arises.

He enjoys teaching as he says there is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone gain in confidence, particularly with technical and mathematical topics that they once judged themselves to be ‘rubbish’ at. To see a learner enjoy doing maths after years of ‘hating’ the topic from school days is what adult education is all about.

Simon Longstaff, Tutor Learn Devon

Start date07 June 2021
End date12 July 2021
Start time12:00
End time13:30
Concessions not available