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Who is this course for?

Join anytime. This course will provide you with a recognised computing qualification; ITQ level 1. One of the most important benefits of taking computer courses is that the learners will have more jobs available to them. The types of new jobs that will be available depend on what kind of courses they take, but every group of courses will open up new opportunities. Almost all jobs require that a worker has some computer skills. The number of positions available to those who aren’t comfortable using computers gets smaller each day. This course is for adults aged 19 and over from the local area that are currently seeking employment, or are in employment and need to improve their I.T. skills. You should have some basic knowledge of using a computer keyboard and mouse/pad. Navigating your computer folders, and also searching the internet. As this course is being run online, a laptop with an inbuilt webcam, or a desktop PC with separate webcam is essential. You will need to undertake a basic digital skills initial assessment, just to ensure you are comfortable with navigating around your device. There may be an opportunity for you to progress on to the ITQ level 2 qualification after successfully completing level 1.

Course content

The ITQ level 1 qualification has three components: Using the internet, and two Microsoft Office applications; Word (word processing) and Excel (spreadsheets). You will

create a portfolio using these three components using workbook tasks. You will be using Office 365 applications to complete your portfolio (Word & Excel). You will also use Microsoft OneDrive to sync your working folder and backup your portfolio using cloud storage.

Support and feedback

Informally by the tutor, you will have the opportunity to self-assess your weekly progress using an individual learning plan. More formally as you will also complete a portfolio of exercises. You will be observed and guided throughout the course. For each unit you undertake, there will be a form where the tutor provides you detailed feedback regarding your progress with each task.

Additional costs and requirements

Writing pad and pen. Computer with Windows 10 & Microsoft Office installed, plus a webcam to use Zoom. There are no extra costs.

Will I have to do anything outside of the session?

Yes, it is a good idea to continue working through your portfolio in your own time. You may also be given small assignments to do during the week prior to the next session; reinforcing your learning

About the tutor

Your tutor will be Simon Longstaff. Simon started working for Learn Devon as an ICT & Maths tutor in 2008. He used to be the technical director of a small electronics manufacturing company in North Cornwall, but now, along with his teaching role, works as a senior design engineer for an electronics instrumentation company.

Simon is a keen musician and composer and is involved in musical theatre when the opportunity arises.

He enjoys teaching as he says there is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone gain in confidence, particularly with technical and mathematical topics that they once judged themselves to be ‘rubbish’ at. To see a learner enjoy doing maths after years of ‘hating’ the topic from school days is what adult education is all about.

Simon Longstaff, Tutor Learn Devon

Start date04 March 2021
End date22 July 2021
Start time13:45
End time15:45
Concessions not available