Digital skills for beginners

Arts Centre, Bideford

Who is this course for?

Adults who are complete beginners to computing and also those with a very basic familiarity. It is suitable for anyone who is trying to gain employment, already in employment, or who is retired. It’s also suitable for anyone who intends to progress to further learning

Course content

This course is designed to give you a little more practice in computer skills and will help you to master the first steps and get you comfortable with using a keyboard and mouse (or touch pad)

You will learn more about:

• using a computer system to meet your own needs.
• searching for and using internet-based information
• using e-mail to communicate and exchange information.
During the course you will watch demonstrations and carry out a range of practical exercises and activities to increase your experience and understanding.

Support and feedback

The tutor will provide support and feedback throughout the session.

Additional costs and requirements

You might find it useful to bring a notebook/notepaper and pen and a USB flash drive (usually referred to as a memory stick or pen-drive) for storing information you have found on the internet, although this is not essential.

There are no additional costs

About the tutor

Your tutor will be Colette Olah. Colette started working as a tutor for Learn Devon in September 2018 and delivers a variety of art and craft, employability and computer skills courses. She is a qualified art and design teacher who has worked in both mainstream and special education. Colette has also delivered Independent Life Skills to adults with learning disabilities and taught basic cooking, art and drawing skills in adult education classes in Worcestershire. In her spare time, she enjoys going to the many beautiful beaches in North Devon and also searching for bargains at flea markets and car boot sales. Colette enjoys teaching at Learn Devon because she is keen to help her learners progress and achieve their goals. She believes that lifelong learning and gaining new skills can create a sense of wellbeing and improved self-esteem and aims to create a relaxed and enjoyable environment for all participants.

Start date02 July 2021
End date02 July 2021
Start time13:30
End time15:30
Concessions not available