Introduction to excel

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Who is this course for?

This course will help you to organise your own personal budget, and store your data within a spreadsheet. It is suitable for learners who have little or no experience of using spreadsheets.

Course content

This course covers the following:

1. Using a spreadsheet to enter, edit and organise numerical and other data.

2. Using appropriate formulas and tools to summarise and display spreadsheet information.

3. Selecting and using appropriate tools and techniques to present spreadsheet information effectively

During the course you will watch demonstrations and carry out a range of practical exercises and activities to increase your experience and understanding.

Support and feedback

The tutor will provide support and feedback throughout the session.

Additional costs and requirements

You might find it useful to bring a notebook/notepaper and pen and a USB flash drive (usually referred to as a memory stick or pen-drive) for storing information you have found on the internet, although this is not essential.

There are no additional costs

About the tutor

Your tutor will be Paul Milsom.

Paul has been a tutor with Learn Devon since 2000, when he began teaching IT. Since then, he has expanded his teaching curriculum and taught a variety of courses, including Employability, Art, Digital Photography, Management Training and Shopping Online.

With extensive experience of working in the legal and financial sector in London and having been involved in projects in Thailand and Saudi Arabia, Paul uses his understanding and knowledge of the world of business in his teaching. He believes that people have a right to access learning opportunities and supports them to achieve their full potential.

In his spare time, Paul enjoys creating art, music and photography, and keeps active by walking and cycling. He reads widely and has an interest in psychology and philosophy.

Start date08 July 2021
End date08 July 2021
Start time12:30
End time14:30
Concessions not available