Computing skills - getting back to work

Alexander Centre, Tavistock

Who is this course for?

One of the most important benefits of taking computer courses is that the learners will have more jobs available to them. The types of new jobs that will be available depend on what kind of courses they take, but every group of courses will open up new opportunities. Almost all jobs require that a worker has some computer skills. The number of positions available to those who aren’t comfortable using computers gets smaller each day.

This course is for adults aged 19 and over from the local area that are currently seeking employment and need to improve their I.T. skills.

Course content

Learners will gain practical skills in IT as well as the essential skills required to gain employment, including-

• Using the Internet
• Using email
• Universal Job Match and Job Search skills
• Job applications and writing letters
• Planning for interviews, including organisation and time management
• Use of formal and informal language and professional vocabulary

Support and feedback

Informally by the tutor, you will have the opportunity to self-assess your weekly progress using an individual learning plan. You will also complete a mini portfolio of handouts and exercises. You will be observed and guided throughout the course.

Additional costs and requirements

Writing pad and pen.

A memory stick (flash drive) may be useful but is not essential

Will I have to do anything outside of the session?

You will be given small assignments to do during the week prior to the next session. Whilst these are not essential, it is a good idea to practice during the week what has been taught.

About the tutor

By going to and using the online facility

Telephoning My Devon on 0345 155 1014

Calling in at a local centre in person

Email to

Start date03 Nov 2017
End date08 Dec 2017
Start time09:30
End time11:30
Concessions not available