ESOL: maths skills

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Who is this course for?

This Maths Skills for ESOL (English for Speakers of other languages) is for anyone who wants to have experience and practice using numbers to help with everyday life together with getting some confidence in speaking English.

This course includes reading and writing practices, you will also talk to others in the group. You will meet many new people from different countries and is an excellent opportunity to make new friends.

Course content

This course will help you with everyday activities; adding your bills in the supermarket or in a restaurant, checking you get correct change, weighing ingredients in your cooking, or telling the time.

We will use the internet and listen to recordings in some sessions.

You will learn many new words, practising pronunciation. You will learn some simple grammar and practice reading and writing.

Support and feedback

Your tutor will support you during the session, sometimes as a group and sometimes on your own. You will receive verbal feedback during each session.

Additional costs and requirements

This course is delivered online and provided free of charge. You will, however, need a computer or a tablet with a stable internet connection, as well as a built in or external microphone and camera to attend the course.

Will I have to do anything outside of the session?

Your tutor will sometimes ask you to do some work at home, using the internet or emails.

About the tutor

I have been an ESOL Tutor for 11 years with Learn Devon. Prior to this, I worked in Cyprus teaching in an English language school. I taught teenagers and young adults who were applying to universities in England.

I obtained my CELTA (Certificate for English Language Teaching of Adults) at Oxford Brooks University.

Long before my teaching career started, I was a nurse specialising in Sleep Research at The Churchill Hospital in Oxford. My interest in teaching started as a nurse, but then as I wanted to travel and explore different cultures, decided to change careers completely!

I thoroughly enjoyed being a student again, learning new things was very stimulating.

As an ESOL tutor I continue to learn about different cultures and how different languages work! My experience as an ESOL tutor gives me insight into how living and working in the UK can affect people from different countries whose first language is not English.

I believe it is extremely important for adults (whose first language is not English) living in the UK to attend ESOL classes and gain a qualification. There are many benefits, including making new friends, being part of a local community, helping with working or finding work. Being confident in communicating in English will enhance the quality of your life.

Sharon Dow

Start date04 May 2021
End date25 May 2021
Start time10:00
End time12:15
Concessions not available