ESOL: Telephone Communication

Alexander Centre, Tavistock

Who is this course for?

This course will boost your confidence and improve language skills needed for using English on the telephone both at home and at work. You will be practising making and taking phone calls as well as handling pre-recorded messages.

The course is suitable for you if you live in England, but English is not your first language.

If you would like to speak to the tutor prior to enrolling or arrange an initial assessment to check your level, get in touch with us at the Alexander Centre on 01822 613 701.

Course content

You will be learning the language which you can use when:

– phoning for information

– arranging appointments

– leaving messages

– making bookings and purchases on the phone

You will develop strategies to help you deal with difficult situations, for example:

– problems on the line

– cold calls

– wrong number

– getting the other speaker to slow down

– clarifying information

You will explore the difference between formal and informal language and how to sound friendly and polite.

You will also practise leaving and taking messages and reporting phone calls.

Finally, there should be enough time on the course to incorporate other situations involving telephone communication to meet your other personal needs.

Support and feedback

You will receive regular feedback from your tutor. At the end of every session there will be an opportunity to reflect on progress made and areas that still require some practice. Record of this will be kept in your Individual Learning Plan. Tests, classwork and homework will be used to assess how well you are progressing towards your goals.

Additional costs and requirements

You will need a pen, some notepaper, a folder or a binder to keep your work in and a dictionary. You might also want to record any new words and spellings in a notebook.

It is important that you commit to attending every week and keep in touch about the sessions you can’t make.

There are no extra costs.

Will I have to do anything outside of the session?

Yes. There will be up to an hour’s homework to complete every week on paper or online. You should also try to practise your English in real life situations as often as possible.

About the tutor

Isabel Knockaert started working for Learn Devon in 2007 and currently specialises in ESOL, Literacy and Functional Skills English. Prior to this she has taught in different countries including Poland and Belgium. Isabel gained her first degree in 2005 after having studied English pedagogy, British and American literature, applied linguistics and methodology of language teaching. She gained her Masters of Education in Applied Linguistics graduating from the Open University in 2013. Isabel is passionate about helping her learners to work hard and achieve their goals whilst embarking on relevant but enjoyable learning.

Isabel Knockaert, English and ESOL, Learn Devon

Start date28 Jan 2020
End date24 Mar 2020
Start time13:00
End time15:00
Concessions not available