ESOL: Speaking and Listening for communicating at work

Holsworthy Memorial Hall, Holsworthy

Who is this course for?

This course is for adults who speak English as a second language. The course will focus on improving your speaking and listening skills so that you can get more out of your life here in the UK. It will also help you if you want to go onto further studies or improve your employment prospects.

Please, contact us to arrange an initial assessment with our tutor to check your starting level before enrolling.

Course content

The course covers:

• reading and writing
• vocabulary
• punctuation and grammar
If you are working towards a qualification in writing, you will be learning how to spell, how to construct meaningful sentences and use grammar and punctuation accurately as well as how to write for different purposes and audiences as appropriate to your needs and level of study.

If you are working towards a qualification in reading, you will be exploring a range of every-day use documents at the word, sentence and text level to help you interpret how vocabulary, grammar and layout are used to achieve different purposes. You will develop new strategies to help you obtain information from written English. You will also be surprised at how much new vocabulary you will learn!

You will be learning in a small group of adult learners of different nationalities and different levels of ability.

Support and feedback

Your tutor will give you regular feedback. Your tutor will also encourage you to reflect on your progress and needs every week. You and your tutor will also record these in your Individual Learning Plan every week.

Additional costs and requirements

Please bring a pen, some notepaper, a folder to keep your work in and a dictionary.

There are no extra costs.

Will I have to do anything outside of the session?

Yes. You will need to do some homework.

About the tutor

Jenni Marshall works as a tutor for Learn Devon, teaching Literacy, ESOL French and Spanish Tutor for Learn Devon. Prior to this she worked for Cornwall Adult Education Service, Abingdon, and Witney & Oxon College also teaching the aforementioned subjects. Within the literacy programmes taught, she delivered Key Skills, Skills for Life and also Communication to recovering Drug and Alcohol users.

Jenni commenced full time teaching 2003. Prior to that, she taught English as a Foreign Language both privately and also for SUL Language School. She has also taught Elective Home Education students for 10 years following both the British and American curriculums.

Jenni has an Honours Degree in Humanities where she majored in English Language/English Literature from The Open University, A PGCE from University of Greenwich and amongst other specialist qualifications, a Level 5 Subject Specialism in Literacy inc ESOL. Jenni’s area of interest is Applied Linguistics which she will further study in a Masters of Applied Linguistics.

Jenni’s passion is equipping others with the necessary tools to ensure that they realise their dreams. She is a great advocate of education as the means to do this.

“I simply love teaching adults how to work against all those negative reports, whether from others or within and watching them surpass all expectations. Especially when they start to believe that they really do have the power to achieve something that was never before thought possible”.

Jenni Marshall, ESOL Tutor, Learn Devon

Start date21 April 2020
End date30 June 2020
Start time10:00
End time12:00
Concessions not available